Do you know the main components of the shock absorber?

The shock absorber is the main component that generates damping, and its role is to rapidly attenuate the vibration of the car, enhance the adhesion between the wheel and the road, and reduce the change of the inclination of the car body caused by the inertia force. The shock absorber can also reduce the dynamic load of the body part. When the double-cylinder shock absorber is stretched (or compressed), the oil in the working cylinder flows through the recovery valve (or compression valve) to generate recovery resistance (or compression resistance). Due to the structural characteristics, the compression resistance of the double-cylinder shock absorber cannot be very large. In addition, the resistance is unstable during high-speed movement, and the flow noise is easily generated.


Structure of the shock absorber:

The shock absorber consists of three cylinders and four valves.

Three cylinders: dust cover, working cylinder, liquid storage tank;

Four valves: inlet valve, return valve, compression valve, extension valve;

How shock absorbers work.

The working principle of the shock absorber is: When the frame and the axle make a reciprocating relative movement, the piston in the shock absorber also reciprocates in the cylinder barrel, and the oil in the shock absorber shell is repeatedly passed from an inner cavity. Flow into another lumen through some narrow pores. The friction between the hole wall and the oil and the friction in the liquid molecules form a damping force on the vibration, so that the vibration energy of the vehicle body and the frame is converted into heat energy, which is absorbed by the oil and the shock absorber shell and dispersed to the atmosphere in.

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