Choose the thickness of the leaf spring!

Many people like to modify their car and want better control. One of them is almost necessary to change, which is to lower the body height and replace the original suspension. However, the modification of the height of the car is not very recommended, not to say that it is opposed to the modification, purely for safety reasons.


You must know that the original body height setting is not made for no reason, and has done many safety verifications and tests. Decreasing the height of the body by yourself seems to increase the handling and active safety, but it has a great impact on the passive safety performance, which is so life-threatening.

The leaf spring manufacturers, despite only this difference, caused completely different results. The orange car cab with a lower body height was seriously deformed, and the corresponding force structure and buffer zone did not play their due role. It becomes very low, and the green car is in much better condition, and the body height is actually a safety issue that is often overlooked when the car is modified.

This situation will be more extreme in real life, such as cars and SUVs, and more extremes are cars and trucks. This is why it is often recommended that you choose an SUV, because the body height has obvious advantages. Similarly, it is not recommended to modify the height of the car itself, purely for the sake of life.

Post time: Nov-03-2019